'Super Smash Bros 4' News And Update: Adding Bayonetta And Corrin Appear As Playable Characters

Nintendo unveiled back in December the last additional characters for "Super Smash Bros 4" that will be released on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. These characters will be released as soon as next week, according to Nintendo declaration at Tokaigi 2016. The game is scheduled to be launched on the American market on February 3 and on the European market on February 4.

The new characters are Bayonetta from the high-paced action series produced by Hideki Kamiya, the original "Devil May Cry" creator, and Corrin, the titular character from the upcoming "Fire Emblem: Fates". Fans of the "Super Smash Bros" game franchise can check online for new screen shots of the unreleased DLC characters, according to Event Hubs.

Bayonetta is bundled with the Umbra Clock Tower stage at $5.99 for each platform and will cost $6.99 for both platforms together. According to the website Gematsu, Bayonetta comes in two variation: the original costume from the first game and the blue costume from Bayonetta 2. The add-on will include some songs from Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, as well as the "Umbra Clock Tower" stage from the original Bayonetta. Jeane, Cereza, Rodin and Bayonetta trophies will also be available.

Bayonetta, the Umbra Witch herself, is joining "Super Smash Bros" as a result of a worldwide Fighter Ballot. She is a combo fighter here just like in her action games. She is able to perform different kinds of attacks chained together. Bayonetta's signature move, Witch Time, can slow down opponents within range.

Corrin will cost $5.99 for both platforms together, or $4.99 for each platform. The character will come in both female and male variations, like Robin and the Vilager, Wii Fit Trainers. The 3D version will add trophies of Xander and Ryoma from "Fire Emblem: Fates". The add-on will also include two songs. Corrin has the ability to transform and attack like no other fighter, since he has the blood of a dragon in his veins.

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