Nokia 230 Dual SIM price revealed

Nokia 230 Dual SIM

The Nokia 230 Dual SIM and its single SIM’d sibling were launched late last year as budget-friendly options for folks looking to pick up a Windows handset. Consumers in India have been waiting to hear how much the handset would cost along with when it would arrive, and today they got an answer to both questions. The Nokia 230 Dual SIM price and availability are finally official for consumers in the region, and it’s going to set you back Rs. 3,949.

A feature phone is what you’ll get from the Nokia 230 Dual SIM, and while it as smart as it’s brethren, it still offers up some nice features. You won’t get a touchscreen, but you will get a smart device with a 2.8-inch panel sporting a resolution of 230 x 230. There isn’t much internal storage to work with at 16MB, but you will get to expand through a microSD card slot. A 2MP/2MP camera combo, 1,200mAh battery, and Windows round things out for the Nokia 230 Dual SIM.

As mentioned, the metal-bodied Nokia 230 Dual SIM is available to purchase in India starting today although there has been no word on the Single SIM version landing just yet. The Nokia 230 Dual SIM can be purchased in two shades of Silver for Rs. 3,949 if you’re looking to pick one up.

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